• Child Find Process

    Child Find days are offered for students enrolled in private schools and for preschool age children. If your child is school age (TK and up), please contact the principal at your child's public school of residence. For more information, visit SAUSD SELPA's website.
    The process for preschool age children is as follows:

    ·        Parent or guardian contacts the Special Education Department, at (714) 285-4600, for an appointment to attend a Child Find screening.

    ·        Parents are given an opportunity to bring their child to a Child Find Day, which offers a developmental screening.

    ·        Child Find Day results are shared with parents at the end of the screening, with three possible outcomes:

    o Student's skills are found to be within normal limits.  Parents referred to community resources and/or preschools.

    o Student is referred to a pre-referal speech program.  Contacts and appointments are finalized prior to parents leaving the Child-Find day.

    o Student demonstrates skills that present a possible area of concern. Student is referred to District assessment teams. 

Last Modified on October 11, 2022