• Mission Statement:
    Romero-Cruz Academy is committed to providing personalized learning and socio-emotional services to all students in order to meet their individual needs and reach their academic goals. Teachers, parents, and staff engage in the decision-making process to ensure access to a variety of standards- based, research-based resources and real-world experiences to assist students in developing 21st Century skills.  It is our belief that all students can learn and experience success in college or a career of their choice when they are provided with the appropriate tools, strategies and supports.


    Vision Statement:

    Romero-Cruz Academy's vision is to ensure that our students develop critical-thinking, communication, and problem solving skills to succeed in college and careers and excel in the globalized economy. We will strive to instill a value and understanding of multiple cultures and languages in our students as well as pride in their own cultural heritage. Staff, parents, students, and the school community work collaboratively to create and maintain a nurturing, inclusive, and safe environment for all stakeholders.




Last Modified on August 5, 2019