• Hello Scots!!
    Google Classroom Codes:
    0 Period P.E. - 4vq5u7g 
    1st period P.E. - 2rckqng
    2nd period P.E. - ziklws3
    3rd period P.E. - h3yp4mg
    5th period P.E. - fmge5m4
    6th period P.E. - g3xy5jf
    Seminar - 5rq3ig

    Who I am...  Ms. Caffrey
    Teaches... Physical Education
    Hangs out in the..... Girl's Locker room
    You can reach me at.... (714) 435-3700
    Email..... jamie.caffrey@sausdlearns.net or jamie.caffrey@sausd.us

    Mrs. Caffrey
    To my P.E. students,
    During this time of school closure we are going to reach out through google classroom. I will be on the other end and respond best I can. Please check aeries and lin to zoom or google classroom from there. Also check your updated often, grades on aeries. 
    We want you to stay healthy and keep your immune system strong.
    Healthy body = Healthy Mind!
    So, keep your body moving with our shared workouts on google classsroom.
    I have also started a McFadden Athletics instagram page. Please follow it for some fun entertainment along with health tips and workouts. 
    @mcfaddenathletics #scotstrength
    Useful Links: 
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Last Modified on September 8, 2021