Welcome to Ms. Esquivel's Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Class - Room K3

    Hi!  My name is Ms. Esquivel!
      I am excited for this year's incoming Transitional Kindergarten (TK) scholars!  Our goal is to provide every child with the skills and opportunities they need to be successful in their overall growth.  In TK, children learn as they actively play and explore their environment.  Get yourself ready to be amazed by your child's educational journey and growth through our Project-Based Learning (PBL) model! 
    What is PBL?
    Project-Based Learning is all about hands-on, engaging adventures where your child becomes a curious explorer, a creative problem-solver, and a confident communicator.
    You can expect...
    🔹Thrilling projects that blend subjects
    🔹Active learning and critical thinking
    🔹Teamwork and imaginaive expression
    Join the Journey!
    Stay tuned for updates and celebrations of your child's PBL successes.  Let's partner to nurture a lifelong love for learning! 
  • Kindergarten Teacher