• Expected Schoolwide Learning Results


    Santa Ana High School students will:
    • Demonstrate a command of standard English language conventions.

    • Read, comprehend, and analyze fiction, non-fiction, and technical materials; read for specific detail; identify, analyze, integrate and use available resources and information.

    • Apply the essential skills required to communicate effectively in daily life through reading, writing, speaking and listening skills independently or in groups.

    • Write a clear, logical well-supported essay such as a lab report, mathematical argument, character comparison essay or an issue opinion paper, which is relatively free of grammatical and spelling errors.

    • Communicate nonverbally though music, dance, visual arts, and athletics.

    Problem Solving
    Santa Ana High School students will:
    • Think analytically, logically, critically and creatively in solving problems in all curricular areas.

    • Participate in group and class projects such as collaborative teams, peer editing, role-playing, speech presentations and/or video productions.

    • Make connections between learned concepts and their application to the real world,

    • Seek solutions to interpersonal conflicts in an appropriate manner.

    Personal Responsibility and Decision Making
    Santa Ana High School students will:
    • Demonstrate academic responsibility.

    • Work cooperatively, share responsibilities, accept supervision, and assume leadership roles.

    • Demonstrate a strong work ethic through attendance, punctuality, integrity, and follow-through.

    • Develop a roadmap of the future, including a written plan of the possible goals, plan of action, extra curricular activities, and long-term goals.