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    SAUSD's Parent Portal

    Connecting and communicating with parents is a primary goal at SAUSD.
    SAUSD’s Aeries Student Information System provides the capability for parents to access information for their children online through a Parent Portal.  The portal is a feature that allows for real-time access to student data using any modern Web browser.   The portal supports the education and safety of students by facilitating communication between school and home.  It provides details on items such as student attendance, grades, and test scores.


    California Content Standards
    Curricula is driven by the content standards. Parents interested in downloading the specific California content standards for each grade level can access them at the California Department of Education's website.

    Santa Ana Public Library

    Our local library system is a resource not to be forgotten! In Santa Ana, the library maintains a historical research services, storytime for all ages, computers with internet and Microsoft Office applications, Spanish and Vietnamese language book collections, large print and audio books, and more! For more information, including getting a free library card, visit the Santa Ana Public Library's website.

    Houghton Mifflin Mathematics
    The K–5 core mathematics program we use at Thorpe is Houghton Mifflin's California Math. The publisher offers an on-line resource for parents and students with a variety of activities and materials that can be useful for homework help. Check it out! HM Math

    Scott-Foresman Social Studies

    The K-5 core history/social studies program used at Thorpe is published by the Scott-Foresman company. They have a special website with a multitude of history-based information available at SF Social Studies
    SRA Open Court Language Arts
    The K-5 language arts program is published by Open Court.  Their website has additional language arts resources and activities, as well as the on-line textbooks.  SRA Open Court
    McMillan/McGraw Hill Science
    The science program used at Thorpe is McMillan/McGraw Hill.  The on-line textbooks are available at McMillan-McGraw Hill
Last Modified on August 11, 2023