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    Thorpe's office staff is managed by Office Manager Nylda Anaya. She handles the office, purchase of materials, staff payroll, works with administration, does all the written translations of the school, and oversees the day-to-day running of our school. She is assisted by Berenice Sanchez, Office Assistant, who helps with registration paperwork, answers the phones, and helps take care of students when they're not feeling well. Emilia Medrano is our Office Clerk and she is the first one to greet parents, staff and personnel when entering Thorpe's front office. She calls from the wait list to enroll students, answers phones, and handles student attendance, so if you are sick you can leave a message on her phone, (714) 430-5881. Karen Macias, Office Clerk. assists on answering phones, as well as taking care of students when they're not feeling well, helping with teacher supplies and with  scheduling parent meetings (IEPs, SSTs, etc.) You can contact her at (714)430-5880.
       All of our Office Staff is Spanish bilingual.
Last Modified on June 2, 2020