• PFO May Meeting Agenda

    Wednesday, May 4, 2022 @5:00 pm

    1. Welcome: (Gloria)

    President: Mrs. Gurrola on maternity leave

    Vice President: Gloria Velasquez 

    Treasurer: Ms. Sweeney

    Secretaries: Maria Chirinos & Nancy Ramirez

    Support Staff: Mr. Ramirez, Erika Benavides, & Sandra Guillen

    Principal: Dr. Perla

    Assistant Principal: Mrs. Sandoval 


    1. May Calendar/Workshops (Erika Benavides)


    1. Teacher Appreciation Week May 2-6 (Mrs. Sandoval)

              -Budget: $328 left (admin using it)

              -Mrs. Benavides made a flyer

              -Thank you to Mrs. Guillen, Dr. Perla and Mrs. Sandoval for helping

              -Reaching out to restaurants to sponsor (Erika, Guillen, and Ramirez)


          4. Open House April 215:00-6:30pm - (Dr. Perla)

              -Very happy Open House for students, families, and staff

              -Popsicle Sale profit approximately $200.00

              -Franklin shirt sales $240.00

              -Thank you, Erika Benavides, Gloria Velazquez, Doña Catalina, Judith, and

               Miguel and Sofia Velazquez for selling the shirts and popsicles                    

              -Funds will go towards fence screens/stage


    1. SBAC/MAP State Testing (Mrs. Sandoval)

             -Thank you, Erika, Maria Chirinos, Blanca Contreras, and Edit Martinez,  for 

              decorating the hallways where 3rd - 5th grade classes are to help motivate 

              students to work hard and do their best!


    1. Kinder/5th Grade Promotion (Dr. Perla)

              -66 5th graders

              -66 Kinders (12 TK)

              -Kinder & 5th grade budget: $900

              -Purchase a 4x8 stage for promotion $350 (Sam)

              -Maribel will decorate

              -Limited space for Kindergarten Promotion


    1. Franklin Angels Night (Ms. Sweeney)

              -Thursday, May 26, 6:38 PM Angels vs. Blue Jays

              -It will be a fun event for Franklin families and staff


    1.  Ukraine Fundraiser “Change for the Ukraine” (Mr. Ramirez)

              -$1,500 dollars was raised and donated to UNICEF to help the people in the


              -Thank you everyone for your support in making this event a great success!


    1.  Parent Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon (Mrs.Gurrola/Mrs. L’Heureux)

              -Budget $362 (We have $242 left towards PFO parent appreciation and $120.00 left

              for PFO meetings. We will combine the funds)

              -For active PFO parents who have volunteered frequently throughout the school   

              year in 3 or more events

              -Teachers/Staff serving parents

              -Catering from Ono Hawaiian Barbeque

              -Thank you, Erika for the flyer and to Mrs. L’Heureux for the idea


    1. PFO Board Elections (Mrs. Gurrola/Mrs. Sweeney)

              -By laws: board Terms

              President 2 years

              Vice President 1 year

              Treasurer 3 years

              Secretaries 1 year

              -Ballot for 2022-2023

              Volunteers requested through Parent Square

              -Electronic Poll through Zoom


    1. Closing: (Gloria)

             -THANK YOU

             -Meeting Minutes will be shared to your emails by Ms. Sweeney

             -Agenda will be added to our school website under Parent Resources

             -Monthly Meeting will be recorded and put on our school website under Parent 


             -This is our last PFO Meeting for this school year       

             -Raffle $20 Northgate gift card (Mrs. Guillen)