• Library  ContractLIBRARY POLICIES

      Loan Period
      Books are due back 7 days after being checked out. You may renew a book if you have not finished it, but you must bring it back in to be scanned into the computer. If a book has more than 2 holds on it, it may not be renewed.
       Patrons may check out the following number of books at a time:
      1st Grade = 1 book 
      2nd - 5th Grade = 2 books
      Forgotten Books
      Students may return their books the following day and check out new books.  Students may come during recess to exchange their books.
      Overdue Books
      Overdue books may end all library checkouts for students & parents. You must speak to the library technician or return the overdue book to resume-library checkouts.
      There are no fines for overdue books. A report will be sent home once a book is more than a week due. The report will have a replacement cost listed in case the book is lost. You do not have to pay if you send the book back to the library. Return the overdue book and you may resume normal checkouts.
      Lost or Damaged Books
      Lost or damaged books must be paid for as stated in the Library Agreement.
      The current textbook policy fine schedule will be applied to damaged library materials:

      Description                                          Fine

      Missing barcode                                   $5.00

      Damage to cover                                  $5.00

      Writing in ink (minor)                           $5.00

      Writing with marker (repairable)        50% cost of the book as listed

      Excessive writing (repairable)             50% cost of the book as listed

      Damage to binding (repairable)          50% cost of the book as listed

      Graffiti/Tagging (unusable)                 100% cost of the book as listed

      Water damage (unusable)                  100% cost of the book as listed

      Lost book                                               100% cost of the book as listed

      These are the guidelines used when selecting library materials. 
      If you have an objection to a book in the library, you must fill out this form and submit it to the Main Office. A meeting will be arranged with the school administration and library staff to discuss your objections.