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     February is Black History Month


    We will be taking some time this month to celebrate Black achievements in Computer Science. We get started by showing this video about Changing the Face of Computer Science. Check back throughout the month as we add inspiring stories of amazing people who have contributed to the Computer Science Industry.

    February 1

     Katherine Johnson

    • Starting in 1953, Johnson worked as a "human computer" at NASA, doing calculations essential to the success of many early missions.
    • Key to the success of Project Mercury and the Apollo 11 mission. When NASA began using digital computers, she helped confirm the accuracy of those computer calculations.
    • Awarded the Presidential 'Medal of Freedom' by President Barack Obama in 2015

    February 8

     Jerry Lawson

    • An engineer & inventor that changed engineering forever.
    • Invented the first ever video game cartridge system, the Fairchild Channel F
    • The Fairchild Channel F product was a failure because it was too expensive.
    • 1 year later Atari came out with the 2600

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    February 15

     Mark Dean

      • One of the co-creators of the IBM personal computer.
      • Led the design team for ISA bus which allows for multiple devices to connect to the computer
      • Designing computer chips for the computer and many more. 


    February 22


    Kimberly Bryant

    • Kimberly Bryant is an African American electrical engineer. 
    • Worked in the biotechnology field at Genentech, Novartis Vaccines, Diagnostics, and Merck. 
    • Founder of Black Girls Code, a training course that teaches basic programming concepts to black girls who are underrepresented in technology careers.