• Welcome to Lorin Griset Academy!

    A History of Success. 

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    Lorin Griset Academy is the result of a collegial partnership among school staff, parents, community members, and the schools of Santa Ana Unified School District, who as a collective unit provide outstanding opportunities and experiences for all students. We are a school of learning options, with approximately 368 students, 17 teachers, 9 support staff members, and our Principal.

    We offer students the opportunity to complete their high school requirements in a personalized setting with individualized opportunities in a smaller learning environment. We nurture mutual respect and guide each student to respect themselves, adults, peers, and their community. We challenge every student to do their best, be their best, and exceed their potential. Students soon discover that the Lorin Griset experience is as unique as they are unique!

    Lorin Griset Academy’s staff strives to offer an academically rigorous learning environment, and to engage each student by linking the curriculum to previous knowledge and experiences, promoting encouragement and further exploration of new ideas. 

    Parents, teachers, support staff, community members, and administration all play an important role in engaging our children to become active learners. It is our genuine desire to provide ever increasing opportunities for our students to acquire the skills of empowered citizens in a vastly changing society. We pride ourselves in creating an individualized graduation plan for each student while affording students the option of returning to their comprehensive high school or graduating from Lorin Griset Academy, all the while preparing them to be ready for college and/or career pursuits.

    The remarkable staff at Lorin Griset Academy and I feel privileged to be a part of this school family. We're Grateful and appreciate your ongoing support and invite you to explore all of the unique opportunities afforded the students at Lorin Griset Academy.

    We are committed to help each and every one of our students achieve the goal of being Valued, Challenged, Successful and graduated from Lorin Griset Academy, and ready for the challenges of College and Career!


    Michael A. Parra, Principal Lorin Griset Academy