• Mission Statement

    Providing individualized instruction and small group settings, the staff at Lorin Griset Academy are committed to providing all students with every opportunity possible to recover credits and earn their high school diploma through varied instructional settings.

    Vision Statement

    Lorin Griset Academy re-engages students with renewed opportunities for hope and success by providing students the opportunity to recover academic credits with proficiency, as well as the social and emotional skills necessary to be productive members of their community and global society. 


    Lorin picture and quote

    Upon his death, these words were delivered by Hon. Loretta Sanchez in the House of Representatives in California on June 8, 2006. 

    “Mr. Lorin Griset was a much-beloved mayor of Santa Ana, California. Elected in 1969, he presided over the city during a period of great transition and strove to promote tolerance and understanding between racial groups, despite the tensions of the time. Lorin Griset’s commitment to his fellow man was born out of his experiences as a young soldier. He served valiantly during World WarII, and despite suffering great hardship as a POW in Poland, he returned home and dedicated his life to service. Even after leaving politics, Mr. Griset remained dedicated to faith and public service, teaching Sunday school and serving as a deacon of Calvary Church. His lifelong dedication was recently been recognized by the Santa Ana Unified School District, which has decided to name a local school after him. Lorin Griset has been an inspiration to the people he loved and served so well. He will truly be missed.” (speech was adapted for website space.)

    Formerly known as Mountain View High School, Lorin Griset Academy stays true to roots by providing opportunities of service to the community. Lorin Griset Academy students continue to contribute to the community in many ways. The Lorin Griset Pumas have contributed to local food and toy drives, pennies for patients, raising money for peers in need, and creating a safe academic space through PAL and other on campus Leadership activities and programs.

    We are certain that if Mr. Lorin Griset were to visit and meet the students and staff of the school named after him he would be proud!