• ST Math Quick Guide:

    These steps are for Chromebook setup only - not for tablets or other computer.

    1. Go to https://web.stmath.com/entrance/

    2. If it is your first time here you will see one of two messages: (If you don't see either message skip to Step 3):
      1. Click to enable Adobe Flash Player.

        Click to enable message

        • Click on the message
        • Click "Allow" on the pop-up that appears.

      2. Adobe Flash Player is blocked.

        Adobe flash player is blocked

        • Click on the lock in left corner of URL bar (next to https://web.stmath.com/entrance/). You will get a pop-up like the following:

          Lock Pop-up
        • Click where it says "Site Settings"
        • A new tab will appear with the webpage permissions. Find "Adobe Flash Player" and next to it click on the dropdown and select ask or allow.

          Permission settings
        • If you clicked ask, go back to STEP 2.a.

    3. Once the login page LOADS CORRECTLY and your screen looks like the following GO TO STEP 4 - if it DOES NOT follow the steps bellow.

      ST Math Pre-activation

      You will need to activate by following these steps:
      1. Click on Enter activation code
      2. Enter the following code: CAR75I-LNP-74-U9B

        Activation Code  (image of activation code - still need to input B)

      3. You will be asked to select On-site or Off-site. SELECT OFF-SITE.
      4. You will be asked to select Labwork or Homework. SELECT HOMEWORK.
      5. Click "Allow local data storage"
        1. If you see a pop-up Click Allow once more.
      6. The login screen should now look like the image on Step 3.

    4. To login your student:
      1. Click on Homework

      2. Enter your student's picture password.
        1. If you don't know it, contact the teacher and ask for the password.

    5. If the login:
      1. Failed after multiple attempts and you've verified you input the correct password OR
      2. You see a message "Logging in as [your child's name]" and that name isn't your child's name then:

        For both options a & b: Go back to step 3 - repeat it all EXCEPT part c. At step 3c SELECT ON-SITE.


Last Modified on April 20, 2020