Chromebook Setup & Troubleshooting

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    A. Logging into your chromebook

    1. To verify you are using your child's own account and if you are currently logged in, you want to start by logging out. Click on the time in the lower right corner, then click on "Sign Out".
    2. The login screen looks like this:

      Chromebook Login Screen Image

    3. If the profile name that is displayed is not your child's name or student ID, then you need to login using your child's info.
      • Click on add person you will be asked for 2 things:
      • First input the student
        • Student's ID is student's lunch Number. Also "" is appended automatically so you just need to input the Student's ID Number.
      • Then input the passwordMMDDYYYY       (The student's birthday)

        Example: A student with an ID number '456349' and birthday of 06/02/2014 has:
        Password: 06022014

    4. If it is your first time logging in you will be asked to accept a new account agreement, it looks like a lot of text. Scroll to the bottom and click accept.



    B. Accessing Common School Programs - ST Math, Lexia, Etc.

    1. Once you have logged in, open Google Chrome.
    2. Look at the bookmark bar - it is at the top left of the screen. Below is a reference image. Look for a button that says "sausdlearns"

      Bookmark Bar Section

    3. Click here to view the different learning programs that the students usually use. Note: It doesn't contain all of them like Google Classroom, etc.


    C. Lexia Quick Guide:

    Follow the steps on this page: to get Lexia up and running on your chromebook so that your child can continue their progress.

    D. ST Math Quick Guide:

    Follow the steps on this page: Here you can learn how to setup ST Math and get your child up and running with their chromebook.

Last Modified on April 20, 2020