Dear Students and Parents,

    Welcome to the 2021–2022 school year. Students and parents are the reason that we are here. The teachers and staff at Santa Ana High School want you to know that they will:

    1. Work to deliver the most effective instruction.

    2. Offer a multiple of opportunities  to become actively involved.

    3. Develop positive relationships with each of you.

    These three things are the result of practicing what has become the hallmark of Santa Ana High School, the “Way of the Saints": Intergrity, Respect, Responsibility and Acceptance. The rich tradition and pride that has been 130 years in the making, has resulted in the common belief that, “Once a Saint, Always a Saint!”

    When one speaks of a “Saint”, words such as impactful, everlasting, good works, positive influence, helpful, exceptional, greater honor, dedicated, exemplary model, and extraordinary, are all found to describe a “Saint.” As we begin the 2021-2022 Academic School Year, I am suggesting that we embrace these words, and use them to motivate and inspire us as we engage in our future work.

    It is important to remember and celebrate our past, but it is even more important that we create our own future and “Culture of Excellence” – today! I suggest that our mascot, “Saints “means more than just “Sammy and Sally,” I’m hoping that it defines a commitment that every student, parent, teacher, staff member, and administrator makes to contribute and participate in a way that will impact the entire Santa Ana High School community, now and for many more years to come…

    I look forward to continue serving you as the principal of Santa Ana High School - the “Flagship” School of the Santa Ana Unified School District. As we continue to graduate more “Saints’ in the city who are college and career ready for the 21st Century, I am excited and look forward to working together with you this coming 2021-2022 school year.


    Elizabeth Enloe