• In our classroom we agreed that we would do our best to fulfill the following:
    Be attentive listeners
    • listen with our ears
    • listen with our eyes
    • listen with our heart
    • listen with our mind
    Have self-control
    • no monkeying around
    • think before we talk
    • wait for our turn to talk
    Show appreciation
    • say "thanks", "please", or "your welcome"
    • give each other compliments
    • encourage each other with "good job" or " you can do it"
    • accept help
    Have mutual respect
    • speak one at a time
    • help each other
    • have fun with each other
    • complete work to the best of our ability
    • keep our room organized
    • obey the rules and teacher
    • obey the first time
    • use polite language
Last Modified on September 15, 2010