How Parents Can  Help
    Parents are their child's first teachers. Your involvement is critical to your child's success in school. Studies have shown that when parents are involved, children feel better about themselves and learn more.
    Three things you can do:                  
        * Make sure your child is well fed and well-rested  for school.
        * Encourage your child to behave in positive ways.
        * Take time to read to your child each day.
    Other ways that parents can help their children:
          * Create a positive attitude towards school.
          *  Establish habits of regular and prompt attendance.
          * Label all  personal possessions, such as sweaters, jackets, raincoats, and lunch boxes.       
          * Read school notices and respond to them if requested.
          * Encourage your child to eat a healthy breakfast daily.
          * Pack a nutritious snack and a lunch.
          * Encourage your child to share their school experiences at home. Asking specific questions about their day will elicit more discussion. (What was your favorite activity today?) 
        * Help your children assume responsibility at home. (putting their clothes in a hamper or setting the table)
        * Allow your children opportunities to play with other children.
        * Help your children learn to respect the rights and property of others.
        * Show an interest in your children's work by visiting their classroom and talking about their work brought home.
        * Share an interesting hobby or collection with your children's class.
        * Encourage your children by praising them for their efforts and accomplishments.
        * Be sure to send a note explaining any absence from school or use the call attendance lines. This is a State of California requirement.
        * Take your children to places of interest and talk with them about what they are experiencing.

Last Modified on July 1, 2023