• Welcome and meet our wonderful

    DHH Teacher Aides and Interpreters!

    Glendi Marroquin : Aide for Ms. Dondalski

     Melody Caudillo: Aide for Ms. Zanca

    Adonay Sandoval: Aide for Ms. Graham

    Haya Charm Rios: Aide for Ms. Herr

    Sandra Rodriguez and Paulette Parkhouse: Aide for Ms. Kearns

    Cindy Valdez and Jazmine Ruiz: Aide for Ms. Holley

    Guadalupe : Aide for Ms. MacDonald

    Ana Velado: Aide for Ms. McClelland

    Gabriela Martinez: Aide for Ms. Montes

    Lisa Koppel: Aide for Ms. Salgado

    Anita Magill and David Lozano: Aide for Ms. Smith

     Jose Cruz: Aide for Ms. Blair

    Melissa Juarez-Cabrera: Aide for Ms. Moock 



    Maryann Ebat

    Joy Chapman

    Lily Valencia


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