• School Supplies Times are tough and the last thing that I want is for you to waste your money on unnecessary school supplies. Please take a look at the items that I have listed below.
     Items your child will need at school:
    • A small pencil box
    • A box of good colored pencils. Prismacolor are the best and well worth the investment. RoseArt are the worst so don’t waste your money on them.
    • A box of markers. A basic Crayola box of eight or ten is the best.
    • Scissors
    • A good glue stick. Most students go through several of these, so it might be a good idea to by several as back-ups.
    • A hand-held pencil sharpener. Again, most students go through at least three of these per year.
    • A reusable WATER bottle. This bottle is not for juice, soda, tea, etc.
    • A composition journal (they run about $1-$3 depending on style) and spiral notebook.
    Optional items your child may like to have at school
    • White out
    • A highlighter
     Items your child will need at home:
    • An assortment of pencils. For some kids, the mechanical ones work well.
    • Notebook paper. Students often forget to take home paper for assignments.
    • Hand-held pencil sharpener.

    Please consider donating one or two of the following items for the class:
    • A Box of Kleenex. If your child has allergies, please consider donating a few of boxes. If and when your child gets sick, feel free to send in a box for your child to keep at his or her desk so he or she won't need to keep getting up to blow his or her nose.
    • Band-Aids.

    Materials your child and the class DO NOT need at school (because we currently have plenty or we just don't use them)
    • Notebook Paper
    • Crayons
Last Modified on June 22, 2020