•               Welcome to the McFadden Intermediate School Counseling Center!

    School Counseling Vision Statement:  

    McFadden Intermediate school counselors believe in the development of each student’s unique interests and abilities to help establish personal college and/or career goals. With hard work, tenacity, and optimism, students will achieve those goals and contribute to our society. Providing students with opportunities to participate in discourse and decision-making will develop social intelligence skills needed to face and overcome obstacles. McFadden Intermediate students will utilize advocacy, collaboration, and communication skills, as 21st century life-long learners, positive, and productive members of society.

    School Counseling Mission Statement:  

    The mission of the School Counseling Program is committed to engage students in a rigorous learning environment with opportunities to experience personal growth and educational success. Our goal is to promote autonomy, personal responsibility, academic growth, and a positive school culture through programs and activities that address the academic, career, personal and social development of all students. By facilitating college and career conversations, students will learn how to make informed decisions as they complete high school and post-secondary requirements. Through empowerment, students will take ownership of the decisions and stand for what they believe in as they contribute to our society. We are committed to provide our students with the global education and exposure to technology and the arts to instill the notion of becoming lifelong learners.

Last Modified on September 2, 2020