• My Kindergarten Homework


    Dear Parents,

    Students will have weekly homework assignments. Please check your child's AVID HOMEWORK FOLDER. The Common Core Homework packet is sent home every day except Friday. All students take books from the classroom library.
    1. Please review letter names and sounds daily. Letter names: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsue4unC7YQ
    2. Your child needs to read a book with someone in your family. Record it on the reading log. Have your child retell the story to someone.
    Homework suggestions:
    • Schedule a time for homework and provide a quiet area. Turn off television, computer, and radio.No interruptions, PLEASE!
    • Have your child work independently for 20-30 minutes (uninterrupted). Use a timer. After 30 minutes, give your child a simple snack (5 minutes). Get together with your child and revise homework.
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Last Modified on November 7, 2019