• Elsa Camacho
    Mild/Moderate Non-Categorical,
    Special Education Teacher

    Hello, my name is Elsa Camacho, and I teach a Mild/Moderatepreschool class at Hoover Elementary. I enjoy working with students, supportingtheir growth, as well as their learning and development. I like working withfamilies and provide them with support. I recognize the importance ofsupporting parents,  and developing astrong relationship between home and school as a way to help children reachtheir full potential.

    I have a background in Early Childhood, and have worked withstudents from 0 to 6 years of age in both Regular and Special Educationsettings. In addition, I have worked as a Head Start Teacher in the city ofPasadena, and taught First and Fifth grade for the LAUSD. I earned a Master’sDegree in Human Development, at Pacific Oaks College, a Multiple SubjectRegular Ed. Credential at SDSU, and an Early ChildhoodSpecial Education Credential at Cal State Univ. Fullerton.

    I enjoy reading, yoga, and gardening.

Last Modified on November 5, 2013