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    2nd grade    Room 25


    Ms. Dougherty's class will be meeting daily beginning at 8:00 am. Please be on time otherwise you are considered tardy.

    No shows are considered absences.

    Students are accountable for the work assigned. Grades will be given for any and all online work.

    Your child needs to be going to sleep early during school time. Bedtime for 2nd graders should be 8:00 pm, but no later than 9:00 pm. Every young child needs lots of sleep to rest brain and body so they continue to grow.

    Students are expected to participate and attend meetings, learn online, and complete the work assigned.

    Please Check on the School Closure Links page for weekly video updates. I will be posting videos for students to watch.

    Remember to check Darebee.com for a workout of the day. Most of them are easy to do.

    Journal: This will be assigned in Google Classroom. Each day of the week has a box for students to type their answers.

    Class Schedule


    Content Area/Área de contenido

    Student Daily Synchronous (Live) Minutes/Minutos sincronizados diarios del estudiante (En vivo)

    Student Daily Asynchronous Minutes (on their own)/ Minutos Asíncronos diarios del estudiante (solo/a)

    8:00-8:30  am

    Whole Class Meeting/Reunión de toda la clase

    30 minutes/minutos


    8:30-10:30 am



    Language Arts and Math/Artes del lenguaje y matemáticas. 

    8:30-9:30 First Group/Primer Grupo

    9:30-10:30 Second Group/Segundo Grupo


    60 minutes/minutos

    70 minutes for Reading/

    45 minutes  for Math

    10:30-10:45 a.m.




    10:45-11:45 a.m.


    10:45-11:45 Third Group/Tercer Grupo




    11:45-12:30 pm





    12:30-1:00 pm (SEI)

    ELD/Science/ Social Studies/Desarrollo de inglés/ciencias/ estudios sociales


    (30 minutes for SEI)/30 minutos para SEI

    15 minutes/minutos

    1:00-2:00 pm (SEI)


    Teacher Office Hour/Hora de oficina





    Remember to stay active.

    Go Noodle is a great way to stay active.

    Stay safe in this uncertain time.


    Maureen Dougherty



    Readers are leaders!
    If your child is sick, you can email me a note with the reason for absence.
    Check the calendar for upcoming events!
     Please email me: maureen.dougherty@sausd.us 
    How much sleep should you and your children get?
    Go to Helpful Links to watch.
    cats in bathroom
    These are my 2 cats when they were kittens.
    Frida has white paws and her nickname is Princess.
    Rembrandt is the one on the right and his nick name is Fatso.
    Here is a more recent photo of the two of them.
    Cats on table
    Do you see why I call him Fatso. He weighs 15 pounds!
    That photo was taken in 2009. they are still the same, just older now.
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