• Welcome to Roosevelt-Walker Academy Vision and Mission Statement


    Our Vision

    At Roosevelt-Walker Academy our vision is to provide an environment where our students will recognize their full potential. They will understand that at school we respect and care for everyone and everything around us. Students will see that learning and achievement is supported and celebrated by Roosevelt-Walker staff, their peers, parents, and their community.


    Our Mission Statement

    The mission of Roosevelt-Walker Academy is to provide and promote high academics for all students. We encourage our children to make connections between new learning and prior knowledge. We believe that students should know what standards are expected of them and achieve them. Children thrive when expectations are high. Children learn best when they are in a clean, safe and caring environment.  At Roosevelt-Walker Academy we make connections with our parents, families, and community. We support our children's learning life, social skills and academics.  Roosevelt-Walker Academy provides opportunities for our students to become successful, productive citizens of the 21st century.