James Madison Elementary School



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    Madison Mission

    Our mission as Madison School is to work together as a staff, parents, and community to provide a balanced comprehensive core curriculum that will promote academic excellence and student achievement based on California Common Core State Standards (CCSS). We will ascertain the level of student success indicated by formative and summative assessments. We will maintain a safe and highly academic environment where students are engaged and vested in achieving academic excellence.  All stakeholders commit to a system of support to ensure a foundation for lifelong learning, and are willing to change and evolve according to the needs of Madison’s community. 

    Madison Vision

    Madison’s vision is to prepare students to be lifelong, high-level thinkers and learners, who are eager to realize their greatest potential and achieve their own dreams.  We want our students to be well-prepared to make positive contributions to their community and the larger society.  We believe that all students are capable of academic excellence and learning far beyond normal expectations when provided with the support, guidance and care from the community, administration, faculty, staff, parents, and fellow students. 

    Our vision will be achieved by:

    •          Providing a safe and creative environment

    •          Providing a rigorous and engaging standards based curriculum

    •          Giving all students every opportunity to maximize their intellectual potential

    •          Nurturing their individual creative spirit

    •          Guiding them in their acquisition of knowledge and problem solving skills

    •          Working cooperatively with the community

    •          Maintaining open communication between all stakeholders

    •          Provide support and connect families and students to community resources.  

    Our vision will be guided by the sum total of all the stakeholders’ rich experiences, wisdom, and deepest passions for excellence. 




Last Modified on September 27, 2021