• Ms. Meg Greene




     Dear Mustangs,

     This summer has been one for the history books.  As we prepare for Back to School 2020, we are doing everything possible to get our school ready in a safe manner for the return of all our students.  However, our Board of Education and our Superintendent, Jerry Almendarez, want to make sure that our schools are safe before we resume teaching at our site. That means we will begin the year in a virtual setting. You may also choose to continue with virtual instruction when we do invite students back to campus if that is your preference.

    We will continue  to do our best to educate our students everyday.  We are preparing devices and hotpsots to insure every child has access to their teachers and will receive rigorous and engaging instruction daily.  In these challenging times, it means that our parents, staff, and students are going to have to work together to make sure we create effective and engaging learning environments within our community.  Parents, we understand that you are being asked to do more than you ever have.  We need your support.  Create daily schedules for your children, make sure that if you have a hot spot, it is only being used for educational purposes (or it will run out of data before the end of the month), download the ParentSquare app, and inform the school if you need anything. We will help, if you let us know what your needs are!

    When school resumes, daily attendance will be a requirement, even though they are learning from home. Our expectations will coninue to be high, which means daily attendance, particpation in instruction, joining classes on time, and completing assignments.  If your children are struggling please reach out to the teacher for help.  We will all need to have a growth mindset and a "can-do" attitude.  I am confident that our Mustangs will continue to strive to do their best everyday. Each lesson will help prepare them for a successful future, college and career. The tools they learn today will serve them wellin the future.

    We all look forward to the day we can welcome the students back to campus. We miss them!  Until that happens, we are creating engagin virtual learning opportunities for our Mustangs.  We will use a variety of applications (Google Classroom, Flip Grids, Nearpod, etc...), we will make sure ALL students have learning devices, we will strive to create the strongest relationships possible during these times, and we will constantly reflect on how we can better teach our students.

    I am proud to be a part of the Monte VIsta community  that has always worked together to help one another and offer the best learning opportunities for our students.  I know that when we work together, we will succeed. We will learn together. When we faces challenges we know we can overcome them together. We can do this together.

    Please download the Parent Square app and check your email regularly for communication from me, the teachers, the district, and Permission Click. Make sure we have current contact information, phone number and email so you don't miss any important messages.

    Stay safe!

    Respectful, Responsible, Safe
Last Modified on July 29, 2020