• Here are some photos of our library!
    Far left side as you enter doors - picture books and lower level AR books.
    Circulation Desk - left side is check in & right side is check-out.
    Along the back wall begins Fiction - it continues under the windows on the right-hand side. The stacks in the middle are Popular Fiction Series, Non-Fiction & Biographies.
    Students sit at the tables after checking out their books. They may read or talk quietly. The stack to the left of the computers holds short fiction chaper book novels. 
    Taking AR Tests
    Students taking AR Tests before school.
    Morning Mania
    Students using the library before school.
    CYRM Voting
    Students voting for their favorite CYRM book.
    More CYRM Voting
    Students patiently waiting their turn to vote!
    Book Searching
    Students using Destiny Quest to search for books during their lunch recess.
    Lunchtime Reading
    Students using the library during their lunch recess.
    More Reading
    More lunch recess readers!
    Relaxing Reading
    Students love using the reading pillows that are available.
Last Modified on March 19, 2020