• The Greenville school counseling program aims to implement a high-quality, data-driven, comprehensive school counseling program by delivering academic, social-emotional, college, and career support. The program provides equity and access to ensure success for all Greenville scholars. Our counseling team is committed to fostering a welcoming, caring, and culturally sustaining school climate to help students prosper and overcome barriers. We ensure all students reach their academic and career goals through evidence-based counseling, individualized planning, and school-wide activities. We aspire to engage, inspire, and challenge all students to reach their maximum potential through a multi-tiered support system. Our efforts will be possible through consistent collaboration with staff, parents, and the community.


  • Greenville students will embody academic, social, and emotional success, demonstrating they are well-prepared for postsecondary opportunities. They will be creative problem solvers who work collaboratively with others and are prepared to excel in an ever-changing and diverse 21st-century world. They will be lifelong learners, adept critical thinkers, socially responsible citizens, and valuable contributors to their community.