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    Library Schedule

    Here is the weekly library schedule. If a class misses their library time, the teacher may reschedule on Wednesday and Thursday.


    Renewing Library Materials | Lydia M. Olson Library

    Each books are due back 14 days after being checkout. 

    You may renew a book if you have not finished it, but you must bring it back in to be scanned into the computer. If a book has more than 2 holds on it, it may only be renewed one time.
    Thank You.
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    Kindergarten students are allowed to checkout 1 book.
    First to Fifth Grade students are allowed to checkout 2 books.
    Teachers are allowed to checkout 25 books.
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    Forgotten Books
    Students may return their books the following day and check out new books. Teachers may allow students to come during class time, however, most students must come before school or during their morning recess to exchange their books.
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    OverDue Books
    Overdue books may end all library checkouts for students & parents, depending on the number of overdue books. You must speak to the library technician to discuss the overdue books.
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    Please remember that there are no fines for overdue books. A report will be sent home once a book is more than a week overdue. The report will have a replacement cost listed in case the book is lost. Remember that you do not have to pay if you send the book back to the library. 
    Library/Media / Damaged or Lost Book Policy
    Lost or Damaged Books
    If you lose or damage your books, you will need to pay, as is stated in the Library Agreement. Lost books should be paid 100 percent as they cost and it applied to water damage too.
Last Modified on February 8, 2022