Program Hours and Dismissal

  • Program Hours

    • Monday – Friday; School dismissal until 6:00pm, including modified days
    • Dismissal time is between 5:45-6:00pm

    Early Release

    We rely on parents to allow their child(ren) time to complete all program rotations.  However, we also understand that early releases may be necessary for some families, and that students may participate in alternate programs outside of school during the week.  Three (3) or more early releases per week generates a chronic pattern, unless a Walker Release has been completed by an authorized parent/legal guardian (Walker Release forms apply to intermediate students only) or an accommodation has been approved by an Extended Learning Administrator.

    When it becomes necessary for a student participating in the after school program to leave before 6:00pm, parents must include one of the Engage 360° Early Release codes on the student sign out sheet.

     Early Release Codes

    1. Off-site enrichment programs
    2. Family Emergency
    3. Family Needs
    4. Medical Appointment
    5. Transportation
    6. Child Accident/Illness
    7. Safety Issues (i.e. darkness, weather)
    8. Accommodation - Approved by Extended Learning Administrator

    The early release policy is to be applied on a student-by-student basis, and is applicable to both base and supplemental programs.  There are many students who may be on the waiting list and could benefit from the After School Program. It is the policy that Early Releases must be kept to a minimum if a student is to continue participating in the Engage 360° program.  In situations where attendance requirements are not met, parents will be contacted and the student will be removed from the program.


    • Elementary students may not walk home on their own and must be picked up by an authorized adult
    • Intermediate students only are allowed to walk home with parent permission on file