• Student Enrollment
    Prior to a student attending the Engage 360° program they must have:

    • A completed Enrollment Form
    • Written confirmation from the Site Coordinator of their child/ren’s acceptance into the program with start date

    Waiting List

    When enrollment is at capacity, enrollment forms will be accepted and parents/guardians will be notified by phone or letter that their child/ren have been placed on the waiting list.  The length of time on the waiting list will vary by school site. 

    Click the link to download the enrollment form. Submit completed enrollment forms to your schools front office.

    Engage 360° 2019-2020 SAUSD Enrollment Application

    Engage 360° 2019-2020 SAUSD Solicitud de Inscripción


  • Student Attendance

    It is the intent of the legislature and the California Department of Education, and expectation of SAUSD, that students enrolled in Engage 360° participate every day that school is in session, beginning at school dismissal until the of end program at 6:00pm. Modifications of the attendance policy may be made on a case by case basis when in the best interest of the student and approved by an Extended Learning District Administrator.