Lesson 1 - The Class President
    Election: how people vote for someone to serve in an office or approve an idea


    Campaign: an organized effort to accomplish a purpose


    Represent: to speak or act for someone else


    Candidate: person who is seeking an office, job, or position


    Confidences: a belief in one’s ability to do something


    Lesson 2 - Marble Champ

    contest:  a competition


    athletic: having skill and strength in sports and other physical activities


    match: contest, competition, or race


    energy: what makes someone active in work and at play


    players: people who take part and play against each other in matches


    commotion: noise excitement


    Lesson 3 - Juggling

    serve: in volleyball and tennis, a way of putting the ball into play by sending it over the net


    juggle: to handle more than one object or activity at one time: perform a clever trick


    spare: Left over, remaining, extra


    spirit: enthusiasm; loyalty


    deliberately; when something is done on purpose or intentionally

    Lesson 4 - The Abacus Contest 

    abacus: a tool used to figure math problems by sliding counters


    drills: exercises to increase your mental or physical skills


    mischievous: full of pranks and teasing fun


    collided:  crashed


    accuracy: being without mistakes
    Lesson 5 - SOR Loser 

    interviewed: asked questions to find out abut a person or what a person thinks


    record: a written account of the number of games the team won and lost during the season


    prediction: what someone thinks will happen in the future


    attitude: how someone acts or behaves to show his or her feelings or thoughts


    ashamed: embarrassed; not proud


    defeatist: having no confidence to win


    Lesson 6 - Children of the Rain Forest
    Equator: the imaginary line that circles Earth’s center: it is perpendicular to Earth’s axis and equally distant from Earth’s Noreth and Sourth Poles.


    Biologist: A person who studies pland and animal life specific to certain environments


    Enthusiastic: filled with excitement


    Preserve: to protect and maintain


    Optimistic: Having a positive outlook



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