•  Field trips are a wonderful way for children to connect what they are learning in class, to the outside world. For instance, this year your child will learn about habitats and animal adaptations, the best way to wrap up the unit, is to bring the class on a field trip to look at the animal biome exhibits at the Natural History Museum. This way they can get a hands-on view of everything they learned, and help them connect what they learned, to what they are seeing at the exhibit.  Every year your Third-grade child has many interesting learning opportunities and field trips.  One of the places we visit every year is the Museum of Natural History in Los Angeles.  
    Lions  Dinosaurs
    Art Museums are invaluable to education. The carefully selected exhibits, information, and artifacts provide tangible and visual evidence for exploration, reflection, and dialogue that support lessons in the classroom. Museums allow students to build upon prior knowledge – to see things differently. Another great place we are going to visit this year is the Museum of Latin American Art in Long beach.   
    MOLAA       Entrance         Frida Kahlo   
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