• Internet Links:

    Starfall Reading
    This is a free online reading website.  It's perfect for children attending preschool through second grade.   
    Jiji - Math

    This is a math program used at school and is available for use with a home access code.  The following is the code to be used at home in order to activate it:  GAR75I-HRD-7W-SBC.  You should only enter the code once.  Your child can practice at home using their individual password.   


    Math Fact Cafe

    Grade Level Math Worksheets, Practice, Games, and more!
    This website has techniques, tips and a games option that lets students choose a game to practice multiplication facts.  Jungle Jim Monkeys and Jungle Jim Fish are just two of the types of games that students can practice while having fun.
    A+ Math

    This site was developed to interactively help students improve their math skills.

    Math Quizzes
    This website has different quiz options that students can choose.  They can choose fractions, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, place value, etc. 
    Social Science/Ciencias Sociales

    US Mint for Kids

    This website is fun and educational for students to gain interest in coins, the United States Mint, and U.S. history.


    Scott Foresman
    This is a district adopted social science website that provides your child with additional information of the topics taught in school. http://www.cahistorysocialscience.com/
    Fact Monster
    This website contains biography information, atlas, and current events.


    The Presidents of the United States

    This website contains fun and interesting facts about the Presidents, Vice-Presidents, and First Ladies. 



    National Geographic Kids News

    This website helps kids understand the world and their place in it.

    Additional Informative Websites/
    Páginas Informativas Adicionales de la Red
    Brain Pop
    This website is an educational program.  Science, Math, English, Social Studies, Health, Arts and Music, and Technology are content areas that are covered.  Ask your child's teacher for the username and password. 
    Enchanted Learning
    This website allows your child to find information on a variety of topics like animals, crafts, maps, etc.  Ask your child's teacher for the username and password. 
    This dictionary website allows you to enter a word and get one or many definitions, synonyms, and/or antonyms. 
    This thesaurus website allows you to enter a word and get a synonym for that word. 
    This is a dictionary website just like the other two websites mentioned above.

Last Modified on March 23, 2020