1. Students MUST be aware of and follow SAUSD's Student Technology Use Policy and have a signed Student Internet Access Parent Permission Form on file.
    2. Students are required to sign in and out when using a computer in the lab.
    3. Students must place their ID cards on the computer they are assigned to use.
    4. Food, snacks and drinks are not permitted in the lab (including gum and candy.)
    5. Lab computers are for academic use. NO GAMES
    6. Settings on the computers should not be changed or altered.
    7. Downloading of Software to the computers is not allowed.
    8. At no time are students to be in the Computer Lab without direct teacher supervision.
    9. All hardware and software are to be handled with care and responsibility.
    10. Only one copy of documents may be printed.
    11. Before students leave their workstation all materials MUST be returned to their proper place, the area around your workstation tidied, and the chairs returned to their proper place.