• Enroll in ISP How do I Enroll in ISP?      

    Because Independent Study is a program and not a school, you must  seek eligibility through your home school.  Contact your counselor and discuss your options with them. 

    If, together, you, your counselor and your parents decide that Independent Study is a viable option for you, then your counselor will fill out a form called a "Request for Action."   Your   counselor will submit the form to ISP.  Then your program of instruction to will be transfered to Independent Study.                                                                             

    Once you have received your RFA, as an Independent Study student, your first stop will be to make an appointment with our Assistant Principal, Mr. Nunez.  Please call Martha Avila at   714-   565-5400 to schedule an appointment.

    Then, you and your parent will be required to attend an "intake" meeting where all of the policies of the program will be given to you.   Please note that as an Independent Study student, you   will be required to: 


    • Meet with your instructor 2 times per week for at least an hour.  Sometimes more, if determined.
    • Finish 20 hours' worth of curriculum (2 assignments) per week
    • Make adequate progress towards graduation (1 class completed every 3 weeks, 6 classes per semester)
    • Maintain regular communication with your instructor at all times
    • Fulfill all other school obligations (testing, evaluations, workshops, etc.) as scheduled