• Welcome!
    Welcome to Social Studies at the Independent Study Program! My name is Mr. Cass, and I teach all of the Social Studies classes here at the Independent Study Program. All of the assignments and units for your class are completed online through Google Classroom and/or Canvas.

    There are a total of six units to complete the class (they are accessed through the 'Classwork' tab at the top of your Google Classroom), with two units assigned per week (the class is completed in three weeks). There is approximately 20 hours of work to complete each week. The units are worth 70% of your grade, and the assessments are worth 30%. Your assessments will be assigned once you have turned-in your completed assignments for the week. Please take a moment to read the rubric: Social Science Rubric

    You will need to read the eText (online textbook)  to help you complete the questions on the worksheets. Please watch the video that is posted in Google Classroom where I show you step-by-step on how to access the eText.

    The following is the break-down of the units for each week of the class:

    Week 1:
    Units 1 and 2

    Week 2:
    Unit 3 and 4

    Week 3:
    Unit 5 and 6

    Please do not work ahead of any week unless you have discussed it with the front office and your teacher first.

    I am available to meet with my students Monday-Thursday 8am-12pm, 12:30-3pm, and Friday by appointment.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email or text message:

    Mr. Cass (justintroy.cass@sausdlearns.net) , Google Voice text: 714-367-4871, Office: 714-565-5400

    I look forward to having you in my class!