• If students wish to practice at home or draw just for fun, here are some assignments that can be completed for extra credit:

    1. Draw a vase and a beautiful arrangement of flowers

    2. Draw a picture of the inside of your stomach and the food in it after a big meal

    3. Draw your idea of Paradise

    4. Draw a picture of someone you would like to kiss (your boyfriend/girlfriend, a baby, your cat, etc.)

    5. If animals could draw, what would their artwork look like? Draw their artwork.

    6. Why are people afraid to visit cemeteries at night? Draw it.

    7. Draw a necktie and design an interesting pattern on it.

    8. Draw a medal for yourself. It must be designed for the thing you do best.

    9. Draw a city on another planet.

    10. You are a toy designer; draw your new toy.

    11. Draw a logo for a tov show.

    12. Draw a picture of yourself the way you will look 20 years from now.

    13. Draw a picture of the perfect garden for your house.

    14. Draw a scene from your early childhood.

    15. Draw a parade.

    16. Draw a crowded elevator on Halloween.

    17. Draw a picture of where you would like to fly to.

    18. Draw a poster to advertise your favorite movie.

    19. Draw a construction site.

    20. Draw your view from an airplane window.

    21. Draw a scene on another planet and include another kind of being.

    22. Draw a picture of an ideal wedding ceremony.

    23. Draw a picture of someone you would like to visit.

    24. Draw what you think a garden would look like from the view of an insect.

    25. Draw a sandcastle.

    26. Draw a house built underground.

    27. Draw what a spaceship commander would see on his video screen.

    28. Draw a view under a magnifying glass (include the magnifying glass).

    29. Draw the boat you would like to travel in around the world.

    30. Draw a scientist's top-secret project.

    31. Draw a new piece of sculpture for the museum's sculpture garden.

    32. Draw a picture of yourself if you grew flowers instead of hair.

    33. An imaginative architect has changed the look of the skyline with an innovative new building; draw the


    34. Draw a modern house, which would still look good in a neighborhood with older houses.

    35. Draw an idea that came into your head by thinking of food.

    36. Draw an idea that came into your head through your ears.

    37. Draw an idea that came into your head through your fingers.

    38. Draw an idea that came into your head through your feet.

    39. Take any one of the ideas you have already drawn and revise it - - redesign it.

    40. Write a large number in the middle of a page. Turn it into a person/animal.

    41. Make a design using your address.

    42. Combine a plant and an animal to create a new life form.

    43. Add a machine to a shape (square, circle, etc.) to create a new invention.

    44. Draw a picture. Cut your pictures into squares. Paste the squares into a new design.

    45. Draw a picture. Fold your picture into a fan. Cut little shapes out of the fan (like cutting snowflakes).

    Open the picture up and glue onto a second sheet.

    46. Illustrate a famous saying/quotation.

    47. Look up famous artworks, sketch your favorite.
    Students may also visit Downtown Santa Ana during the monthly Artwalk *1st Saturday of every month*, visit a gallery or museum, or write about an artwork using the 4-step critiquing process learned in class, or complete extra credit grid drawings provided in class.
Last Modified on May 11, 2017