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    Mr. Sorrells
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    Dear Monte Vista Music Students, I want you to know that I am sorry  that school is closed because of this nasty virus. I will miss not seeing you in person, but I am thinking about you and would like to invite you to come hang out on the google clssroom site that I set up for you from Day 1.  Below are the sites and their codes, as well as my email address.  I will be posting something new everyday and invite you to stay connected during this challenging time.  Again, please feel free to contact me at anytime vis email at:
    Little Kids Rockabilly (Wild Mustangs and Bucking Broncos:  w7y5gla
    Advanced Strings: der42n5
    Advanced Band: awsh26z
    Beginning Strings: mk53mxj
    Beginning Band: er6s3sm
    CHOIR: 47fkr4t
     Students at Monte Vista have the opportunity to participate in Instrumental Music, Choir and play the Recorder.  The music programs at Monte Vista are detailed below:  
    * All third grade students receive instruction on the recorder once a week.
    * All second grade students receive general music once a week
    * 4th grade students are offered the opportunity to learn the violin, trumpet, clarinet and flute. (Note: To be eligible to participate in the instrumental program at Monte Vista, a student needs to be recommeneded by both Mr Sorrells and the third grade classroom teacher).
    * 5th grade students that complete their first year on an instrument have the chance to move up to an advanced ensemble.
    * 4th and 5th grade students also have the opportunity to enroll in the Monte vista choir.  All students are welcome
    * Selected Monte Vista students participate in the Little Kids rockabilly program where they have the opportunity to learn to either play bass, guitar, drums, or sing,  The program is centered on the rockabilly music genre that was popular in the late 50s and features a number of sun recording artists inlcuding Elvis Presley and Carl Perkins, amongst others.

    Fodder and a little bit about Mr Sorrells:

    He's a yuck, yee haw and often tells his students that "He's not that smart" - and they usually agree with him.."but he is efficient." Still, Mr Sorrells has the honor of working as an elementary music specialist in the Santa Ana Unified School District for 20 years. His Monday through Friday schedule will find him teaching music at 2 wonderful schools:  Edison and Greenville! His duties at these 3 fine teaching institutions of learning include teaching choir, general music, recorder, piano, beginning and advanced band, and beginning and advanced strings, as well as the hula-hoop - scratch that - Mr Sorrells couldn't "hula" or "hoop" if his life depended on it.

    His hobbies include music and playing the guitar. On his days off Mr Sorrells also likes to play music and the guitar. For fun and relaxation he also enjoys, you guessed it: playing music and the guitar. Seriously, Mr Sorrells has other interests, but they aren't as important as: playing music and the guitar.

    Mr Sorrells has been married for many years to Mrs. Sorrells and even though she admits "he's weird" she loves him, not because he plays music and the guitar, but she claims no one can "makes chocolate pudding like he can!" Mr Sorrells doesn't know if that's true or not, but he's glad Mrs Sorrells is still married to him because he says "she makes me look good" - and if you have seen or met Mrs Sorrells you know that this is very true!

    Keith and Cami are the names of Mr. Sorrells son and daughter. Keith is a musician like Mr Sorrells - only better. He graduated from orange county high school of the arts where he studied viola. Cami attends Cal State Fullerton. Mr Sorrells loves his kids, because they always keep their rooms clean, don't eat too much and hardly ever talk back to him - and that's probably a good thing.

    Believe it or not: Mr Sorrells graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a BA in liberal studies and a minor in music. He has 2 teaching credentials (k-8 and music) from National University and a masters in curriculum, design and assessment from Walden university! With that said, if Mr Sorrells can accomplish and earn these degrees and credentials, then anyone can!! Yeah, he figured you would all agree!

    Final silly and fun facts about Mr Sorrells and then we shall conclude this correspondence: He exercises and works out every single day - even when he is sick (and tired), has climbed Mount Whitney not once, but 2 times - and its high! How high?...real high! He loves trains - especially the "Big Boy" steam locomotive, Union Pacific Railroad and is always happy when he has to stop at a railroad crossing to let a train goes by - especially when it's a junk freight! He knows a little bit about everything to the point that it usually gets him into trouble when he works on his car or house. He also loves the music of the Beatles, Grand Funk Railroad and especially rockabilly! In his extra not so often spare time Mr Sorrells likes to pen original songs: some of his hit titles inlcude: "Another no good for noth'n bad song," "Hanker'n for a cantanker'n," and that yet to be recorded classic: "What ever happened to the Caboose?" Finally, he plays guitar and sings in a local Orange County rockabilly group and hopes to someday sing with Elvis Presley (don't tell anyone, but Mr Sorrells thinks Elvis is still alive and hasn't left the building!).

    Be that as it may, Mr Sorrells wants all of his students and their parents to know that he  loves working for the Santa Ana Unified School District and always wants the best for his students. He appreciates it that everyone puts up with him and truth be told enjoys nothing likes better than teaching music at Greenville and Edison. He loves hearing from parents and students so please feel free to email him anytime @ michael.sorrells@sausd.us He checks his email all the time - even on the weekends and vacation! (for the record, Email is better than trying to call him on the phone in his classroom - just say'n)

    Notwithstanding, in conclusion, and heretofore, Mr Sorrells would like to leave you all with this concluding thought from his favorite movie Nacho Libre: "My life is good. Real good."