• Transitional Kindergarten

    Kindergarten students with big letters
    Our Amazing Transitional Kindergarten Teacher Mrs. Stewart loves helping our
    Taft Tiger students grow and develop into amazing students and individuals!

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    The Transitional Kindergarten consists of the following:
    Social Emotional Learning    Image result for students speaking clipart | Speaking activities, Speaking  activities esl, Esl activities   

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    Social & Emotional Learning                                                                          Language                                                  
    ~ Expresses emotions                                                                       ~ Identifies parts of the body  
    ~ Regulates attention and impulses                                                    ~ Uses familiar words, prepositions, and nouns  
    ~ Shows empathy & cooperates with others                                        ~ Can print some letters  
    ~ Participates in pretend play 
    Physical Development                                                                            Speaking & Listening
    ~ Stands, jumps, and can maintain balance                                        ~ Listen to directions and stories  
    ~ Can toss & catch                                                                          ~ Can take turns at listening and talking 
                                                                                                         ~ Asks questions and describes topics    
    ~ Can hold a book and pretend to read                                                  Phonological Awareness
    ~ Points to pictures/letters in books                                                   ~ Claps for words in a sentence  
    ~ Verbally describe characters from stories                                         ~ Can orally place two syllables together to say a word  
    ~ Can recognize first name                                                               ~ Can orally form compound words  
    ~ Can identify some uppercase/lowercase letters                                ~ Can produce sounds and rimes  
     Writing                                                                                                 Mathematics
    ~ Draws freely grabbing tool correctly                                               ~ Sorts & classifies objects  
    ~ Draws vertical and horizontal lines                                                 ~ Recognizes, duplicates, and extends patterns  
    ~ Draws round shapes                                                                     ~ Counts to 20  
    ~ Draws or scribbles to express ideas/words                                      ~ Recognizes numbers & counts objects to 10
                                                               ~ Compares numbers to 5  EYFS Focus: 6 physical development activities | Famly Free Language Cliparts, Download Free Language Cliparts png images, Free  ClipArts on Clipart Library                                                           
                                                               ~ Adds & subtracts within 5    
                                                                 ~ Identifies, describes, and constructs 2-D shapes  
                                                                ~ Compare size & weight of objects
    New aspects within the Transitional Kindergarten Program alone consist of:
    ~ Utilizing iPads within all content areas
    ~ Integrating the ST Math Program on the iPads
    ~ Designating areas for creativity and innovation through art, music, and movement
    ~ High focus on language and social-emotional development
    ~ Strong emphasis on collaboration