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    Hello Everyone!  I am so excited to start the 2020-2021 school year as your science teacher!  This year brings several changes to the science curriculum. We are moving forward with the integrated model of the Next Generation Science Standards. This means that there is a mix of topics to be uncovered and practiced through labs, projects, and several other learning models.  Our year will center around the theme of asteroid impacts and their effects on Earth and human history. My main objectives this year are to prepare you for advanced science in high school as well as instill a love for inquiry and discovery. 


    Class Expectations:

    1. Always bring materials (agenda, Journal, pencil, etc.) to class.
    2. Everyone gives their best effort, every day.
    3. Stay on task and support the learning of others.
    4. Follow directions the first time they are given.
    5. If you have a question, ASK!


    Mandatory Tutoring and Quiz Retake Policy

    If students score below a 70% on a quiz, they are REQUIRED to attend a tutoring session to retake the quiz.  The tutoring session is approximately 20 minutes, followed by 15 minutes to complete the quiz.  An option will also be available to watch a video online instead of attending the tutoring session.  The quiz can then be completed after school.


    Absence Policy:

    It is very difficult to make up work when absent, so try very hard to be at school!   If absent, it is the students’ responsibility to make up any work or test missed.  If they do not make up the work or test they will receive a ZERO on that assignment.

    • Tests and Quizzes that were missed will be made up upon returning to class.
    • Labs and in-class assignments can sometimes be made up at nutrition or before school, but expect an alternative assignment if the materials are already put away.
    • Students should ask a buddy what they missed and copy the missed notes.
    • Please check the absence box for missed handouts.


    Bathroom Breaks:

    It is the student’s responsibility to use the bathroom during passing periods or lunch.  Use your restroom passes wisely, the ones you are issued are meant to last the entire semester. Students without passes will not be allowed to use the restroom. If you have a medical need, please have your parents contact the school nurse.



    Grades will be based on your accumulation of points (tests, quizzes, homework, projects, labs, participation, etc.) and will be figured using the following standard percentage scale:

    • A  100-90%                       
    • B   89-80%                         
    • C   79-70%                         
    • D   69-60%                           
    • F   59-0%


    Managing Technology:

    We will be using Chromebooks DAILY. Make sure your device is charged every day. 




    Students who are being disruptive will face the following consequences:


    1st Offense

    Verbal Warning

    2nd Offense


    3rd Offense

    1st BLACK HOLE Consequence Card

    2nd BLACK HOLE Consequence Card, Behavior Reflection, Loss of Privileges

    4th Offense

    Referral & Parent Contact





    Cheating and bullying are never acceptable.  If you feel you are being Bullied please let an adult know.  I am always available to talk.  A school is a safe place. 




    (do not cut out)

    For the record:

    Once you have finished reading over the procedures, please sign your name at the bottom of this page and also include your parent/guardian’s contact information.  Please glue into your science journal, signed, by Friday, Sept 4th.



    Student’s Name (Printed):________________________________________________


    Student’s Signature:_______________________________________________


    Parent/Guardian’s Name (Printed):________________________________________________


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    Parent/Guardian’s Phone # and/or email: _____________________________________________