• John Muir Fundamental Elementary - Computer Tech




    Troubleshooting - Chromebook

    Audio & Video Issues: Tutorial

     1st step:  Check Audio and Video - Tutorial    


    ***If after checking Audio or Video is not working then contact school office to exchange the Chromebook.***


    2nd step:  If after checking Audio and Video is working then see video below to make sure the Audio and Video is enabled when joining Classroom.

          Play button

    3rd step:  How to enable Audio & Video through Settings.  This works for using internal microphone and speakers from Chromebook or using a plug-in USB headsets.



    Log in issues:

    1. Chromebook is displaying "Enterprise Enrollment".

        If you see this then follow video tutorial below to sign into Chromebook for Enterprise Enrollment.



    Other issues:


    1. Chromebook will not turn on

        - Check if there is a light indication next to the plug when the charging            cable is plugged in.

        - Hold the power button for about 10 secs to allow the device to 

          completely shut down.  Then press the power button again for about  

          2 secs and wait.  The Chromebook should power up now.


    *** If you attempt the above steps and the device still will not power up then contact our office to do an exchange***


    2.  Chromebook is not charging:

         - Check to see if there is power from the power outlet.

         - Is there a little light indication when plugged into the Chromebook?


    *** If there is no light indication next to where you plug in the charger                 to the Chromebook then contact the office to do an exchange.***


    3. Keyboard is not working or the mouse pad is non reponsive    - Contact the office to do an exchange.


    4. Screen is blank or white:

        - Try repeating step "1".  If still is not working then contact office

          to do an exchange.


    5. Chromebook is showing "Block by Administrator".

        - Contact office 


    6. Connection poor:

        - Check wifi if there is strong signal.  You can usually tell by the number 

          of bars on the signal.  More signal the better the connections.

        - If you are using hotspot from the School and getting 1 or 2 bars then 

          either the area has bad internet connections or the hotspot is not giving 

          good receptions.

        - If it is a home internet connection issue and NOT school hotspot then 

          please contact your internet service provider (ISP)


    *** Hotspot sometime can go bad so if you feel you need to exchange the 

           hotspot from the school then please contact the office."