• ASB Code of Conduct 

    I, the undersigned, solemnly swear that I will abide by the following Code of Conduct set forth by the Middle College High School ASB. The following standards of eligibility, conduct, and responsibilities shall apply to all members during their time in ASB. Each member’s acceptance in the class shall run for the entire school year. ASB members must reapply for admittance at the end of each school year.

    1. Academic Achievement
      1. I will maintain an academic 2.75 GPA computed on a 4.0 scale
      2. If I receive less than a 2.75 GPA during my term, I understand that there will be consequences and limitations to my involvement in ASB. Receiving less than a 2.75 could be cause for dismissal from ASB by the school’s administration and ASB adviser.
      3. I understand I may be asked to submit a record of my scholastic achievements to the ASB adviser at the end of each grading period. 
    1. Behavioral Standards
      1. As a member of ASB, I realize that my conduct must be beyond reproach at all times, on and off campus, and in every class. (It is critical that you understand the full implications of this statement. Violation will result in dismissal from the class. Ask Mr. Ramos if you need further explanation.)
      2. I will uphold the ASB constitution
      3. I will cooperate with and support the ASB President & ASB adviser
      4. I will abide by school dress regulations at all times.
      5. I will not carry or use any illegal substances or stimulants, drugs, alcohol, etc. at any time, on and off campus.
      6. I will display good sportsmanship at all times
      7. I will maintain a satisfactory citizenship/attendance record.
      8. I understand that if I am suspended from Middle College High School, I may be suspended from ASB temporarily or permanently, as determined by the school’s administrator and ASB adviser.
      9. Posting of negative material on campus, within social media, etc. will result in immediate removal.
      10. Inappropriate conduct in any MCHS course/event will result in an immediate review and possible removal.
      11. Any report of misconduct by a MCHS teacher will result in an immediate review and possible removal.
      12. Bullying, speaking negatively of, or spreading rumors of any MCHS student will result in an immediate review and possible removal.
      13. Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in immediate removal from the class as determined by the school’s administrator.
    1. Leadership Class
      1. Attendance is mandatory.
      2. Frequent absences or tardiness will lead to removal from the class.
      3. After school, before school, lunchtime, and other predetermined meeting times are also mandatory, expect to be at school as early as 6:45am and as late as 10:30pm for some events.
      4. Participation in all ASB events is also mandatory and required (unless dismissed by Mr. Ramos)
      5. Your grade in the class will be adversely affected by a lack of participation in ASB hosted events.
      6. Your grade in the class will be adversely affected if you fail to complete assigned tasks and duties.
    1. Responsibilities of Membership
      1. I understand that attendance to class/meetings is mandatory
      2. I understand that the same school rules apply in this classroom as any other.
      3. I understand that I am not to use my cell phone in class. Class time will be used for planning and executing school events.
      4. I understand that it is my responsibility to work on projects/ assignments given to me during class periods.
      5. I understand that, regardless of my position, I will be assigned various tasks that deal with all aspects of ASB.
      6. I understand that I will be assigned work tasks at all ASB functions and that it is my responsibility to work at ASB events.
      7. I understand that being on ASB is a huge time commitment. I am prepared to work during break, lunch, after school, and some evenings to fulfill my duties.
      8. I understand that I am expected to set up and clean up after all activities.
      9. I understand that I will be assigned, and expected to execute, tasks by the ASB advisor and /or the ASB President.


    Violation of any of the stated rules is cause for removal from the class. Removal from class is determined by the school’s administrator and ASB adviser pursuant to the regulations set forth by the ASB constitution.

Last Modified on March 31, 2020