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     Art is an important aspect in a
    child's cognitive development.
    The development of motor skills is just one of
    the many benefits in making art.  Simple things like
    holding a paintbrush or scribbling with a crayon, are 
    essential to the grown of fine motor skills in young children.
    Art provides them with opportunities to learn words of colors,
    shapes and actions. Elementary students can get creative with
    telling their stories of of their artwork.  
    Art can also help students practice making their own decision,
    thus strengthens problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.
    Visual learning skills are akin to when doing drawing, sculpting
    and threading little beads on a string.
    When kids are making art, they are being inventive, making purposeful 
    decisions and learning from their own innovations.
    Looking at art from other culture opens up a child keen interest and
    curiosity.  It also helps them understand that cultures and practices of
    other people are also important in understanding people from different 
    parts of the world.
    Last, studies shows a correlation between art and other achievement.
    Creating a beautiful artwork can being recognized for it can boost a child's
    motivation, not only in arts but in scholastic work, as well. 
    Check out these fun art websites. 

    Make Belief  Lets you make your own comic strips.  
    The Artist Toolkit  Fun way to see and experiment with artists tools.  You can also watch artists in action
    Artsology. See famous cultural figures in art and have fun playing our games.
    The Scribbler.  Can not draw? Then try scribbling!  You will be amazed at how creative you can be! 
    Picassohead.  Lets you create your own masterpiece using Picasso art features.
    Jackson Pollock .  Be messy, without getting messy!
     Smithsonian.  Everything Art from the Smithsonian.
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