• Our Cafeteria Supervisor is Sandy Lugo.  
    Sandy Lugo    
             Ms. Sandy is  responsible for the the daily nutrition of  the over 900 students on our campus.   
          With the help of  Elizabeth, our school food service worker, as well as our noon supervisors, they make sure that all of our student body are fed breakfast and lunch, including milk and their choice of two fruits and vegetables.   
             During school hours, daily servings of a variety of fruits  through the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables program are prepared for classroom distribution, so that students can enjoy a healthy snack before lunch. 
            Our school also participates in serving students various Harvest of the Month fruits and vegetables.  They get to taste a green veggies, exotic fruits, and earthy roots --which they love so much!
              We are happy to have Ms. Sandy as a part of our Lowell staff.
    For special dietary needs or questions please contact Ms. Sandy at (714)972-6306. 

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