• What is MAP?
    MAP stands for "Measures of Academic Progress." Students take this test in the subjects of Math and Reading on the computer.  This is a new test in SAUSD that will measure students' learning growth.  This test will help teachers identify where each student is currently ready to learn.
     What is a RIT Score?
    After completing a MAP test, students will get a RIT  (Rasch Unit) score.  The RIT score is an estimate of a student's instructional level.  It is the level where the student is answering the questions correct 50% of the time, so that the teacher can know what the student  is ready to learn.  The RTIT scale is much like a feet and inches on yardstick that helps to measure growth from one year to the next.  The RIT scale also measures students progress and academic growth from year to year.  We expect RIT scores to increase over time.  Typically, younger students show more growth in one year than older students.  Students who achieve a higher RIT score often show less growth.  
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