• Language Arts   Books
    We are reading stories from our anthology about Sharing Stories.  Feel free to share your favorite book with the class.  We are also learning how to read with fluency.  Keep practicing in your Intervention book and decodable books!!  Remember...we must read 111 words per minute by the end of second grade!
    Math           math
    In math, we are learning about addition and subtraction, place value, and number sense.  The students will learn how to regroup when adding and subtracting.  This is an important skill to master in 2nd grade.  Second Graders need to memorize their addition and subtraction facts to 20.  So keep on practicing!!
    Writing     Pencil
    Students will learn to write paragraphs with eight or more sentences using details and descriptive language.  Genres will include personal narratives, friendly letters, how-to's and descriptions.
    Social Studies      globe
    We are learning about ancestors and life long ago.  We will move on to map skills, our community and government this year.
    Science     butterflies on flowers
    Second grade science is exciting!  Students will learn about matter, rocks and fossils, and life cycles.  We will even raise our own caterpillars and observe them turn into butterflies!
Last Modified on February 23, 2017