• 2023-24 School Year: Brain Power Under the Tower!

    Davis students, teachers, and staff members are working so hard during the 2023-24 school year, with amazing support from our students' families and community. In 2022-23, our SBAC scores in reading and math were the highest that we have ever achieved at Davis! This is due to the hard work of our students, staff members, and our students’ parents. In 2023-24, we are working to achieve even more!

    During the 2023-24 school year, our areas of emphasis are:

    1) Academic Growth and Achievement: We are implementing scientifically proven strategies for learning to read, using the SIPPS program to teach reading in small groups of students according to their reading levels, every day. We want all of our students to read well, in order to open the door to all types of knowledge. We want our students to be creative, collaborative and critical thinkers, so we are using engaging science programs such as Project Lead the Way and Mystery Science, to engage students' brains and have FUN getting smarter! In math, we want students to understand the mathematical concepts as well as mathematical procedures, so that they can solve real-world math and engineering problems. We like to say that we have great "brain power under the tower" each and every day at Davis.

    2) Supporting Our Students' Families: We want to be a source of help and support for our students' families, in every way possible. Please message or call me, or our office, or visit our Wellness Center or Library for help at any time. We want to help!

    3) Safety at School: We teach our students to be respectful, to be responsible, to be safe, and to be problem solvers. We want to practice good, positive habits, and also to be prepared at all times to keep our students, staff and families safe. I list this 3rd on this list, but want everyone to know that safety is our top priority at Davis. When students feel safe, we know they are ready to learn!

    Wallace R. Davis was known for his personal warmth and caring. We strive to follow his example. He said, "Dream big and once you have that dream, don't let anyone take it away from you. You must have faith in tomorrow...we must have faith in you."

    We have the best students, families and school staff at Davis Elementary!

    Peter Richardson
    (714) 564-2200

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Last Modified on August 3, 2023