• Davis Elementary Schoolwide Rules
    Davis Dolphins 4 Bs  
    At Davis, we teach the students to be Respectful, Responsible, Safe, and to be Problem Solvers in the classroom, and out on the playground. We call these four expectations "The 4 Be's." When we see students being kind to others and following these school-wide expectations, we give them an "Applause" ticket. We know that helping others and following the "4 Be's" is it's own reward, as students feel good about themselves. We hope the Applause ticket gives them an extra, positive reinforcement for their good citizenship. Students are also able to pool their Applause tickets with their classmates, in order to earn classwide rewards, such as a dance party, extended recess, PE with the principal, or an ice pop party. If students make a poor choice, our first priority is to help the student understand how those choices affect their learning and/or affect those around them. When needed, we will reach out to parents, and utilize other resources such as counseling, natural consequences and restorative practices in order to support students. We are all about learning!  All of our efforts in supporting students are focused on teaching and learning, so students have the skills they need to be healthy, happy, contributing members of our community.
Last Modified on July 14, 2023