• Robotics Club
    The formation of this organization was for the purpose of creating a fun and  educational environment for students looking to pursue and or interested in a MESA Major and robotics. The goal is to help students a identify  if a MESA Major is right for them and get them ready for the engineering field. 
    Article 1:NAME
    Middle College High School Robotics Club 
    Article 2: Membership 
    Section 1: Any person attending Middle College High School and fulfilling the membership requirements                   of the organization may be a member.
    Section 2: There are no membership requirements, but an interest in MESA is recommended.
    Section 3: In order to guaranty equal human rights for the student body of Middle College High School,                   equal opportunities shall be afforded to all students without regard to race, color, religion,                   creed, gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnic origin, citizenship, nationality, or physical                   disability.
    Section 4: No classification exist.
    Section 5: Privileges of membership: able to attend meetings, provide input, help at competitions, hold in                   office, nominate, be a candidate, and volunteer at competitions. 
     Article 3: Office & Advisers
    Section 1: President, Vice-President, Club Council Representative, and Secretary shall be the officers of                   the club. 
    Section  2:To hold office one must be frequently present at all meetings and be a member of the club.
    Section 3: Officers will have the term of one school year.
    Section 4: Officers will be required to attend all meetings, to at least ICC meetings and competitions.                   This can be void if the absence presents a valid excuse.
    Section 5:  The executive board shall include the President, Vice-President and Secretary.
    Section 6: Adviser: Clifford Gerstman.
    Article 4: Elections
    Section 1: Elections will take place on the third week of meetings.
    Section 2: Election protocol will involve the person volunteering for the position to face the wall and                   behind them the adviser will call for voting for the positions.
    Article 5: Meetings
    Section 1: The default meeting time will be Tuesdays at two-forty-five p.m. until three-forty-five p.m. This                   meeting time is subject to change to accommodate the members of the club.
    Section 2: Meetings shall be held once a week. Additional meetings may be held in case of emergency.
    Article 6: Finances
    Section 1: Fundraiser will be decided by members of the club.
    Section2: Dues of Membership: not required